Rare Be@rbricks and where to find them

Since the early 2000s, Medicom Toy - and Bearbricks' - stock has soared exponentially thanks to a long list of collaborations with some of the biggest names in contemporary art, fashion and design. …

Eight searched Bearbricks still exceptionally available Online.

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Designed in Japan, Medicom Toy’s Be@rbrick entered the world of adult Toys back in 2001.

Since then, its minimalist design has ridden the collecting wave of Streetweat fans, Sneakerheads and contemporary art lovers.


Pleasures Collection Spring / Summer 2022

Streetwear brand from L.A. redefines the ’90s aesthetic with a collection all about graphics

For Spring – Summer 22, Pleasures offers its personal interpretation of the provocative and bold aesthetic that characterized the ’90s – with clear reference to Rave Culture.

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Peeking at the latest Jordan’s Woman Items.

Discover Jordan Women's Apparel SS22 Collection Ever since the Jordan brand launched its women's clothing line, our sneakers have gained more value, if that's possible. Yes, because the women's co…

The Spring Summer 2022 drop introduces some items that mix oversized fits with feminine details, really noteworthy: such as the Flight Suit narrow waist with high leg, reversible bomber jacket, oversized but waist-emphasizing shorts, sporty style inspired minidresses, utility pants with multi-pockets and overlapping effect tops.

Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape: iconic style for the new generation

Terreascape is designed for Urban Runners

The Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape stays true to its glorious origins and iconic waffle sole with updated details and materials to capture the attention of the newest generation as well.

Its design and performance outsole is made of semi-transparent rubber, while the rugged tear-resistant fabric on the upper offers consistent lightweight and breathability.


Market and that genius Mike Cherman.

Collections full of references to the Big Apple, to bootlegs, to consumer culture. Market - it was 'Chinatown Market' - has created a sort of unintentional pop icon, certainly the label is not afra…

The brand made in the popular district of New York, is always talking about itself.

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Dreamland Syndacate Sustainable Streetwear

From one of the most underground cities in Europe comes the avant-garde streetwear brand.

Warsaw, 1995.

In the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Warsaw also frees itself from the pact that has kept it in the grip of prohibition and restriction of any kind of free expression.

The young Polish generation wants to move without limitations, to unhinge all the castrating rules that have been in force until then, to party.


Carhartt Wip. “Honest value for an honest dollar”.

From Workwear to Street Statement In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt began manufacturing workwear for Midwestern workers, striving to meet the needs of workers engaged in hard labor, even 12-hour days. Ca…

Birkenstock with socks, yes or no?

First of all, wearing Birkenstocks with socks is incredibly comfortable. Imagine you're on vacation in an art capital; it's summer and you have to walk all day through museums, cathedrals and immen…

We try to answer at one the most “obnoxious” questions ever, giving reasons why you should love this style

The question is not to be underestimated, given and considering that the president of Birkenstock USA felt compelled to declare, “it is perfectly acceptable to wear Birkenstocks with socks.”

It’s that “accepted” that makes the difference, as something that should be tacitly tolerated by society, not loved.

With this article we will try to explain the reasons to appreciate this combination, offering style inspirations and “food for thought“, in an ironic way

We know that in your life you have harshly criticized the Teutonic seen on vacation with sandals and socks, but trust us, they were “other” sandals and “other” socks.


Air We Are.

Photo Above: Pollution in Los Angeles …

On the occasion of AIR MAX DAY 2022, we want to explore one of the most sensitive issues of the moment: a reflection on the importance of the concept of AIR, in all its forms.

Something intangible, elusive, yet vitally important. From the archives of the recent past, we have selected some sadly significant photos, right up to the present day. All images that evoke a sense of asphyxiation and lack of air.

Nike has transformed AIR in a brilliant way, giving life to one of the most iconic silhouettes ever, changing the concept of AIR; and it is from this starting point that in this article you will also find some small tips for a more eco-sustainable life to “clean” the air around us.

From environmental degradation to a new awareness: safeguarding the air we breathe

There has been much talk about the importance of breathing clean air, for our health and for the environment. Yet, the data of the World Health Organization continue to be alarming to say the least: about 92% of the air that surrounds us is highly harmful: it can cause serious lung diseases. Concrete actions are therefore necessary to stem this worrying phenomenon.

According to the report of the European Environment Agency, 20% of urban populations in Europe live in areas exposed to concentrations of air pollutants above the quality standard established by the EU.

Large Italian cities – such as Milan, Rome and Naples above all – are the urban centers where the air is more polluted than in the rest of the country. The reason is also to be attributed to the massive use of means of transport such as cars and motorcycles.



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