A Bearbrick for every Art Enthusiast.

Painting, Music, Cinema, Fashion… In this selection you will find a Bearbrick for every passion, to buy on blackboxstore.com.

This Medicom Toy’s  Bearbricks selection is dedicated by to the 7 Major Arts:

Painting / Fashion / Music / Cinema / Comics / Writing / Photography

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Painting: René Magritte

This incredible 100% + 400% Bearbrick is decorated with two works by the French surrealist painter, created between 1965 and 1966: “L’Oiseau de Ciel” on the front and “La Belle Société” on the back.

L’Oiseau de Ciel is a visual poem: a bird traversing the clouds, itself traversed by clouds, realised in the last years of the Magritte painter‘s life, it is both a wonderful tribute to a life dedicated to art and the bittersweet image of an animal on the last leg of its journey.

The back of the Bearbrick depicts ‘La Belle Société‘, a man in a bowler hat appearing in the form of two silhouettes, and a cloudy landscape. A surrealist evocation of the mystery of life, achieved through the juxtaposition of two very different worlds.

Fashion: FDMTL

Small but precious, this Bearbrick 400% has been entirely covered in Japanese denim fabric by the famous FDMTL brand: a treat for lovers of Japanese sartorial streetwear.

FDMTL is a streetwear brand specializing in denim garments, Made in Japan, the world capital of top quality denim production. The garments are producted with care and an incredible detailing that is difficult to achieve with mass production.

Music: Grateful Dead

This 400% + 100% version is dedicated to the Grateful Dead, the iconic American rock band who also collaborated with Nike on a truly incredible Dunk model.

They were among the key artists of the so-called Summer of Love, and among the key artists in the history of what is called acid rock or psychedelic rock.

Cinema: The Matrix

One of the cult films that characterized an era. The iconic binary code decorates this great Bearbricks 1000%, for fans of the adventures of Neo and company.

The Matrix was a catalyst film, paving the way for the contemporary sci-fi film genre, as well as influencing the fashion of the period, from 1999 – the year of its release – to the early 2000s.

Comics: Elmo

The cuddly Sesame Street character has become a 1000% great Bearbrick: his red fur is as true to the original as everything else.

Sesame Street was a popular children’s TV show, which later became a comic strip, created by puppeteer Jim Henson. Its cheerful characters have accompanied the growth of several generations of American and European children since the late 1960s.

Writing: The Rosetta Stone

If not quite ascribable to the art of writing, this 1000% Bearbrick was entirely decorated with the text found on the Egyptian granodirite steel, which bears an inscription divided into three registers, for three different spellings: hieroglyphic, demotic and ancient Greek.

The text is a Ptolemaic decree issued in 196 BC, in honor of Pharaoh Ptolemy V Epiphanes, at the time 13 years old, on the first anniversary of his coronation.

This Bearbrick faithfully reproduces the text on the stele, partly in Greek and partly in Egyptian.

Photograph: Benjamin Grant

The 1000% Bearbrick dedicated to photographer Benjamin Grant is dedicated to his ‘Overview Timelapse’ project: a photographic series of satellite and aerial images demonstrating how human activity and natural forces shape our Earth.

On the front, the Japanese Toy has been decorated with the coordinates of Mount Fiji, while the side shows his spectacular shot of the snow-capped volcano‘s mouth, taken from above.



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