Birkenstock with socks, yes or no?

We try to answer at one the most “obnoxious” questions ever, giving reasons why you should love this style

The question is not to be underestimated, given and considering that the president of Birkenstock USA felt compelled to declare, “it is perfectly acceptable to wear Birkenstocks with socks.”

It’s that “accepted” that makes the difference, as something that should be tacitly tolerated by society, not loved.

With this article we will try to explain the reasons to appreciate this combination, offering style inspirations and “food for thought“, in an ironic way

We know that in your life you have harshly criticized the Teutonic seen on vacation with sandals and socks, but trust us, they were “other” sandals and “other” socks.


First of all, wearing Birkenstocks with socks is incredibly comfortable.

Imagine you’re on vacation in an art capital; it’s summer and you have to walk all day through museums, cathedrals and immense streets.

Deafened that Birkenstocks are one of the most comfortable sandals around, it may happen that your foot sweats and rubbing against the leather, inevitably gets chafed. You’ll end up with your feet dipped in the nearest historic fountain, caught in a heat stroke, trying to relieve your poor “tried” feet. If only you wore German sandals with cotton socks, you’d avoid all of this.

Because that’s really the focus of the issue: it’s not what, but how that makes the difference.

The Birkenstock Company, moreover, has modified its classic models – some dating back to 1774 – with the clear intent of capturing the attention of the fashion industry, creating stylish looks paired with socks from the most interesting international streetwear brands.

The marketing effort generated the long-awaited “revenge” of nerds, Teutonic people of all ages, and uncool people everywhere.

By now, the pairing has been deprovincialized to be hyper-cool, even. Wanting to make a difference between a look Birkenstock without socks / Birkenstock with socks, we can say firmly that with the first we always look like we’re about to go to the beach, while the second solution is so chic but casual that we can face any social event, or almost.

Attention though, as we said before, the most important thing is THE HOW:

if you wear these sandals with socks in combination with a dressy dress, it will look like you just underwent an orthopedic operation. On the other hand, we are not stars of Show Biz that we can afford something like this and receive general approval; and this also applies to job interviews, weddings, funerals, a bank appointment or a formal dinner.

Otherwise it will be to match them with a relaxed jeans, a chino or canvas shorts: everything will look natural and you will feel perfectly comfortable.

So, let’s banish all shame forever. And let’s give the definitive go-ahead to Birkenstocks with socks.

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