The movie on the history of Nike Air Jordan is almost out.

Even the Hollywood industry has taken note that the world of Sneakers is a golden planter that continues to thrive. Air, the long-awaited film starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, due out April 5, 2023, has succeeded in capturing the spirit of Sneakers Culture. The movie, which has already been hailed as a “must-see” for […]

Nike Cortez: Fifty years Old, Well Worn.

A Pop Culture staple, worn by Stars of the past, present and – we swear – the future. Since 1972, the Cortez has been one of Nike‘s signature designs, becoming a style statement when, on the stage at the 1991 Super Bowl, the Divine Whitney Huston wore it paired with a red-and-white Jumpsuit, white terrycloth […]