CLOT SS 2020 “Tropical Pyramids”


The collection that represents an interpretation of a new-age ancient Egypt.

CLOT has tapped into the otherworldly culture of ancient Egypt to inspire its Spring/Summer 2020 collection entitled “Tropical Pyramids.”

While centuries old, ancient Egypt was way ahead of its time in all facets of lifestyle, from what they wore to ways of self-improvement both physically and mentally, to how they viewed themselves as part of the human race.

A heavy use of patterns and layering is seen throughout the CLOT SS20 collection that pays homage to the styling techniques used throughout ancient Egypt, from the elaborate dresses of royalty to the uniforms of slaves.

Every element of clothing was consciously designed, often seemingly chaotic and confused, yet it made perfect sense to those that adorned it. The same can be said for the “Tropical Pyramids” collection that features modern-day prints and graphics that include more obscure references right down to literal references with pyramid and palm trees.

Having journeyed from Vancouver to Hong Kong to Los Angeles, Edison has gained a worldly view of how modern-day culture works, realizing that LA is arguably the epicenter of self-conscious living today a current version of how the ancient Egyptians lived.

This can be seen through the collection’s graphics that delve into the ancient Egyptian’s standpoint of believing they had bigger heads, therefore being able to tap into more parts of their brain giving them a higher sense of power.

Coupled with Edison’s wife’s affinity towards healthy living through meditation, yoga and seeking new-age remedies, the new collection holistically looks at how we can learn from the ways of ancient Egypt in today’s modern landscape.

About CLOT ®

CLOT was proudly established in 2003 as a fashion label from Hong Kong with the aim of bridging the East and the West through thoughtfully-designed apparel and goods. Founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, the brand takes its Chinese roots to a worldwide stage and has since partnered with the likes of Nike, visvim, fragment design, Coca-Cola, Stüssy, Medicom Toy and many more.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2018, CLOT has solidified its international presence through its core seasonal collections sold through international retailers and our multi-brand retailer JUICE.

Expanding past just a fashion label, CLOT launched JUICE as a renowned fashion and lifestyle retailer, offering a range of curated apparel and goods.
Located in major cities around the world, JUICE can be found in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Chengdu and Los Angeles.



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