“In a world dominated by the Hype, which creates and destroys everything with extreme speed, “Knowledge is Power” is a cultural information project, which gives a voice to those who, in all its shades, lives daily 24/7.

A Friendly Talk that saw the participation of friends, professionals, companies, and collectors linked to the world of Sneaker Culture to lay the necessary foundations for real knowledge and understanding of the dynamics that fuel this business.

Together we retraced the genesis and the moments that contributed to making Sneaker Culture the global phenomenon it is today. “





Hosted at Duel Beat Club, temple of Neapolitan music, the second edition of SNEAKERS HUB took place in a 2-day marketplace / events / music / sports.

Born as an idea of ​​Marketplace and a place to share the passion for the world of sneakers, already in the first edition of last year, the event saw our participation with the exhibition “Not For Resale”, an exhibition of exclusive sneakers – directly from our archive – which retraced the history of the models that contributed to making this world unique.

This year “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” was our contribution to the event.


The mission and ambition that characterize our work is to be able to pass on the culture that surrounds this world to future generations.

The manifesto described above fully represents this spirit.

We therefore focused our focus exclusively on confrontation and dialogue with our communities through an entire Talk Area – conceived by Gianluca Salute Brand & Creative Director of Black Box – dedicated to the exchange of ideas and sharing of opinions involving friends, professionals, companies and collectors in two days where the passion for this world was the absolute protagonist.

Various themes were touched upon by various guests: from the constant challenge of sustainability to the centrality of digitalization in today’s market, up to the issue of how important it is to create a conscious approach to the product in the new generations.

Guests of the project were Guido Genicco, who has been in the industry for 32 years and undoubtedly recognized as 110% Sneaker Master, and Gionata Pigozzi, Director Sales Fashion of adidas Italy. Two friendly talks, with Gianluca Salute as moderator, they were able to stimulate and involve the public on the dynamics and processes with the eye of those who, personally, participated in the “Game” we see today in Italy.

To these were added, in the other talks moderated by Marco Rizzi: Daniele Valente, Andrea Sibaldi, Marco Rossetto, Federico Barengo, Jacopo De Carli, Attilio Fuocolento and Mike Frutto.

A special mention goes to the all-female Talk with Ilaria Grande, from NSS G-club, Benedetta Maione and Elisa Scotti who addressed the issue of the inclusion of women in the Sneakers Culture and how necessary a no-gender and increasingly open mind.

Supporting the project: Welcome to the Urban Jungle Park.

For years we have been present, with commitment and dedication, in the area promoting sports and inclusive activities – including the recent restoration of the “Urban 80124” Playground in Bagnoli – to involve our local communities.

For this edition of SNEAKERS HUB 2021 we wanted to create an area dedicated to fun and sport in its various expressions: the URBAN JUNGLE PARK.

The Park was the place where athletes and even simple enthusiasts have ventured at DJ Sets, Hip Hop Dance Battle, Graffiti Jam, Basketball 3 vs 3, Street Soccer and Skate Park, all animated by the same energy and passion for competition and joy of finally being able to find each other again.

The media and public success of the event was incredible with over 6,000 people attending this edition.

In the Gallery the mood and a selection of photos.


Video Recap




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