Black Box flew to Madrid for the fifth edition of Urvanity Art!

Thanks to the collaboration of the ART 3035 GALLERY of Amsterdam by Andrea Deiana and the gallery manager Ginevra Russo, Black Box was able to visit and enjoy this outstanding Contemporary Art Exhibition in which all the artistic expressions and ideas developed under the influence of urban environments  from the 70s to present days.

Post-graffiti, surrealist pop, contemporary urban, new pop art and public art murals around the city all collide in one unique experience.

In two days, we have witnessed and learnt how the languages, themes and symbols of Urban environment influence contemporary art and, in powerful and different ways, how it gives us back all the shades of the multiple realities that surround us every day.

Here are some of the most emblematic artists and their works.

Edouard Merzouk

Among the most emblematic works we certainly find “NIKE AIR MAX 90”.

Catapulted into a futuristic archaeological museum, Merzouk presents fossilized objects from everyday life: the trace of our civilization could not be but other than a Nike sneaker.


Alejandro Monge

His language is fearless: hyper realism with street art influences reinterpreted with a conceptual art approach make his irreverent works. The objective is to comment on current affairs through its cynical paradise objects“.

Juan Miguel Quiñones

Relying on noble materials such as marble and semi-precious stones according to the ancient techniques of Florentine sculpture, Quiñones reworks iconic objects of urban contemporaneity and streetlife.

Nicolas Romero

Streetwear logos, broswer tabs, drinks and political symbols are the fundamental elements of Romero’s compositions, which he uses as a bridge to talk about more complex realities, in which street art becomes the maximum expression of freedom.

Ignacio Pérez-Jofre

It focuses on the observation of reality in urban space. The visual associations of the peeling plaster patterns of the city walls and the easily identifiable markings such as shoe soles (VANS) help create relationships between the things that surround us.


Faes & Bnomio

The SOLO Limited booth is an invitation to promote, share and support international contemporary art. A space presented by “Collection SOLO” to encourage the desire to collect exclusive, unique and limited edition works of art.


Established in 2017, ART 3035 Gallery opened in Amsterdam in 2019. ART 3035 Gallery is committed to exhibiting artists from different backgrounds, with the aim of showcasing and promoting artworks that actively transform the space and its fruition. ART 3035 Gallery also aims to create compelling artistic partnerships, such as public murals and pop-up exhibitions.


Albert Pinya A Solo show for Art 3035 Gallery at Urvanity Art with a powerful composition that evokes the contemporary society and its contradictions.



Ginevra Russo Gallery manager for Art 3035 Gallery.






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