Pascal Prehn

Head of Marketing at Sneaker Freaker Magazine.


Sneaker Freaker is the first International footwear magazine and the definitive resource for Street culture.

In what direction the industry (street culture & fashion) is going with these worldwide changes ?

I think that the industry will still grow but will be more diverse. During lockdown people realized what they really need, and that’s not the 20th white retro sneaker or grey hoody. They realized that even though sneakers, streetwear and fashion are part of a person’s identity that it was important for them to purchase these items that have substance and are more meaningful.

On the retail font, I am not sure if some stores will survive the next few years, which will then see those corporates with bigger budgets taking over. It seems that some brands will close certain accounts trying to sell the limited products on their own channels, which makes it harder for the smaller, indie stores to survive.

What cultural / subcultural  movement has influenced your life the most ?

There’s so much which influenced me during my youth and still influences me today. Skateboarding, (Punkrock) music, snowboarding, graffiti but I would say, that sports in general influenced me the most with all of its aspects. I was playing field hockey since I was five and my team was everything to me. Our first sponsor was Kangaroos and then Asics, and because of this we always got great free stuff and of course free shoes.

Besides hockey, I played tennis which really influenced my tennis style and choices because of like Andre Agassi (Nike) and Boris Becker (ellesse/Puma). In my spare time, I also played a lot of basketball after I was exposed to legends like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson any much more through media.

What do you collect and what’s the most important piece of your collection?

As I got older my, collecting evolved a bit. I not only collect sneakers, but also (street) art, fashion, some vintage furniture and of course music. I still have my first pair of adidas Paul Breitner cleats, which I played in when I started playing hockey. These are made in Germany and the (Kangaroo) leather is still soft and buttery. I also have the first AJ 6 Infrared which bought when I was 14 years old, which has a special space in my heart as it was my first Jordan.

What artist you would’ve liked a face-to-face conversation with ?

I am lucky to call a few great artists my friends, but when it comes to one special artist, then I would go with David Hockney. Love his paintings, his history and the way he sees the world in colour.

Black Box and Urban Jungle always try to do storytelling on sneaker culture, something that Sneaker Freaker does at its best and in different ways, online as well as on paper. Do you see the storytelling moving towards new media or new channels?

New generations have different views and of course opinions on certain things and therefore create their own world (in media) and their own channels. One thing through, is that this new generation still value the OG outlets like Sneaker Freaker, who they turn to for that quality content and option.

At Sneaker Freaker we try to educate our whole community and it does not matter if you are new to the scene, have been collecting sneakers for decades or are just into hype models etc. We  always try to find the right balance between those topics to insider and educate. I think our readers appreciate what we serve up, and have provided to the community since 2002.



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