A Capsule Celebrating the 90s Tour Merchandise Style: adidas x KoRn.

If you’re a KoRn fan or simply know their 1997 song ‘A.D.I.D.A.S,’ you must have dreamt of a collaboration between the three-striped brand and the infamous American Nu-Metal band at the time.

Perhaps the times weren’t right, perhaps band-brand collaborations weren’t so trendy; the fact remains that 27 years later, the first capsule celebrating this unusual and incredible union is on the horizon.

The adidas x KoRn collection features two sneaker silhouettes, the Campus and the Supermodified, and seven pieces of clothing: tees, hoodies, and track tops.

A collection reminiscent of Nu-Metal and Rock concert merchandise from the ’90s.

The upcoming street style trends for 2024 are clear: the anti-fashion and counter-trend style of Heavy, Rock, Metal, or Rap concert fans from the ’90s is becoming an official fashion. Inadvertent testimonials, the usual candid street photos: from Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner, through Rihanna and Kylie Jenner.

The T-shirts sold during tours, with the artist’s name on the front and concert dates on the back, are considered a distinctive element of a specific music genre and style: bold, relaxed, and deceptively casual, actually well thought out in detail.

If not everyone had the opportunity to dig out 90s merchandise from their favorite group or artist, the upcoming adidas collaboration with KoRn comes to the rescue: it’s a collection that pays tribute to the type of clothing worn by Korn fans, now courtesy of adidas.

The KoRn history with adidas

In 1997, Korn released their ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ a track from the ‘Life Is Peachy’ album of the Nu-Metal band, and ‘A.D.I.D.A.S.’ in reality, was an acronym for ‘All Day I Dream About Sex’.

According to some sources, the title playfully referenced a long-standing saying of the lead singer Jonathan Davis, dating back to his time working in a sportswear store.

During the ’90s, Korn members were often spotted wearing adidas shirts and tracksuits, but as Davis himself pointed out, adidas never wanted to sign a financial deal with the band, which led them to sign with Puma.

The new KoRn collaboration with adidas.

Announced a few months ago, the official launch date for adidas KoRn is set for October 27, 2023. The collection showcases two classic adidas silhouettes, the Korn x adidas Campus 00s and the Korn x adidas Supermodified, both reimagined with the KoRn logo on the right tongue, plectrum-shaped keychains, and artwork from the album “Life Is Peachy” on the insoles.

They will be available on blackboxstore.com and in Black Box Store stores starting from October 27 ’23!

Nu-Metal is Not Dead!




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