What happens when a rebellious soul meets an unconventional mind?

Italian-born English-based designer Sofia Prantera and Graphic artist Fergus Purcell are the duo behind cult streetwear brand Aries.

The history of this successful Brand came from far away.

After moving to London from Rome, to study fashion at Central St Martins in the mid 90s, Sofia was into rave culture scene but after her graduation (her disertation was an interview with Stone Island’s founder Massimo Osti) she started designing for “Slam City Skates” which introduced her to the skate community and streetwear that, at the time, were a true subculture.



Afterwards she co-founded the japanese-oriented streetwear brand Silas and she “discovered” the talent of Purcell.

That was the moment Aries got introduced into Streetwear.

Ferguson Purcell might not be the most famous name amongst the graphic designers but he is the mastermind behind Palace’s infamous triangle logo.

His punk roots and unconventional attitude paved the way for the powerful impact of streetwear in fashion today.

Here the new Aries collection


Born from the idea of Womenswear that aims to refine the untouchable fashion rules and archaic gender binaries, Aries challenges the traditional conventions positioning itself where streetwear clashes with high fashion.

The ongoing love for trash culture, outsider art and illustration are clearly seen in the brand’s graphic language.

Every collection also reflects Sofia Prantera’s continuing fascination for dyeing and printing techniques beside a craftsmanship approach to garment construction.



Aries signature graphics, the “Temple” logo and “No problemo” text, have become one of the most recognizable in Fashion industry.

High fashion? Streetwear? Neither or both?

No Problemo.




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