Tommy Jeans Remastered Collection: A Tribute to Hip Hop, Blending Past and Future.

This collection pays homage to the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop by reinventing styles made popular by legendary ’90s rappers.


Tommy Hilfiger enthusiastically celebrates the origin of Hip Hop with a capsule collection designed to leave a lasting impression. Capturing the brand’s DNA, Tommy Jeans has reinterpreted the iconic silhouettes immortalized by the great rappers of the ’90s, adapting them to our contemporary lifestyle.

This exceptional collection commemorates the moments that defined the aesthetic of Hip Hop during the golden decade, featuring two prominent figures in today’s rap scene: Central Cee and GloRilla.


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"Such a emblematic anniversary calls for an equally iconic capsule," declares Tommy Hilfiger. The collection, consisting of 17 pieces with a casual and baggy cut, includes a striped rugby shirt that grabs attention, reminiscent of the one worn by Snoop Dogg in his memorable first appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1994, a pivotal moment for music and Hip Hop style.

 The legendary Puffer with the "Big Logo," made famous by Aaliyah and Raekwon, is presented in the typical red-white-blue color scheme of Tommy Hilfiger. The leather biker jacket, an icon popularized by TLC in the early 2000s, is revisited with a sophisticated white interpretation. Completing the offering are the timeless Varsity, in perfect IVY style, and an oversized football-inspired jersey tee.

The photo campaign, captured by Lea Winkler, features two icons of contemporary Hip Hop, Central Cee and GloRilla, posing in a style reminiscent of the "Golden Age of Hip Hop" with garments from the Remastered FW23 collection. Alongside them, the image introduces the digitally animated hip-hop duo Ghost Kidz, in an innovative collaboration with Superplastic.

Influence of Tommy Hilfiger on Hip Hop Culture.

Tommy Hilfiger, born in 1951, is a renowned American fashion designer. His brand, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, has become a symbol of high-quality sportswear and casual clothing. In the '90s, the brand played a significant role in the hip hop scene, becoming integral to the distinctive style of some of the genre's leading artists.

During the '90s, Tommy Hilfiger became known for collaborating with numerous rappers, contributing to shaping the hip hop style of the time. Some artists who supported and wore the brand include:

Snoop Dogg: One of the first rappers to showcase Tommy Hilfiger apparel. His iconic image in the "Gin and Juice" music video featured the brand's styles, helping solidify Tommy Hilfiger's presence in hip hop culture.

Snoop Dogg in the iconic Tommy's Polo

Aaliyah: The immortal R&B icon, Aaliyah, was another key figure who contributed to shining the Tommy brand in the rap Olympus. Her use of the Puffer with the "Big Logo" in Tommy Hilfiger's typical color scheme became legendary, and the brand featured her in the 1996 Jeans campaign.

Aalyah, 1997, Tommy Jeans Campaign

Raekwon: The Wu-Tang Clan rapper, Raekwon, is famous for wearing Tommy Hilfiger's Puffer, helping to make it a cult clothing item in the hip hop scene.

Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan in Tommy's Puffer

Tommy Hilfiger's influence on '90s hip hop culture was significant, with the brand providing a distinctive and luxurious aesthetic to many prominent artists. The collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and these artists helped define an iconic era in the history of fashion and Hip Hop music.

Where to Buy the Tommy Jeans Remastered FW23 Collection.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Hip Hop culture: the Tommy Jeans Remastered collection is now available online and at our Black Box stores!



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