Spotlight Streetwear Cities: Paris.

This is “Streetwear Spotlight Cities”: an in-depth look at the most influential capitals of Streetwear fashion.

Let’s discover Paris, the chicest “Ville Lumière”  in Europe, where Haute Couture was born and Streetwear gave the world a new declination of street fashion, refined and exclusive.

Begin our journey through the narrow streets and characteristic Parisian Cafés, in search of Europe’s most influential and trendy street style and streetwear.

Birth and Development of Streetwear in Paris

Parisian street style in the 90s

Streetwear fashion has had a significant influence on fashion culture globally and has also been particularly important in Paris. The recognized capital of Haute Couture has played a key role in the spread of certain brands that are considered cornerstones of Street Culture; the birth and development of the streetwear movement began in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the spread of American Hip Hop globally.

During this period, young Parisians, who had always exemplified smart casual style, began to adopt looks inspired by urban culture, hip-hop music, and the world of skateboarding.

Brands such as Adidas, Nike, Stussy, Fila, and Converse became particularly popular, as did baseball caps, tracksuits, and skate shoes.

Young Parisians began to mix elements of hip-hop culture with sartorial fashion influences, creating a unique and distinctive mix that is peculiar to Paris Street style to this day.

Emerging French designers were experimenting, as were Japanese designers, with new shapes somewhere between traditional and modern cuts. Young talent and independent labels began to feed the ranks of Parisian streetwear names, among them Pigalle.

Founded by designer Stéphane Ashpool in 2008, the brand was named after the Pigalle district in Paris, famous for its vibrant nightlife culture and art scene. The brand has become known for its bold and provocative aesthetic, which combines elements of streetwear with influences from high-end fashion. Stéphane Ashpool aimed to create a brand that reflected the energy and creative spirit of the neighborhood where he was born and raised, incorporating elements of urban culture and art.

Pigalle paved the way for a new style made in france, made of references to American urban fashion, but made unique by the unmistakable touch of Haute Couture.

Recognizable traits of Parisian Streetwear Parisian streetwear reflects the creative energy and dynamism of the city of Paris, often taking inspiration from art, design, and lifestyle.

It is known for combining elements from different subcultures, such as punk, hip-hop, skateboarding, and art. This fusion of styles creates a unique mix that stands out for its originality and versatility: the style becomes eclectic, always straddling a glorious past and a positive future.

The style signature is almost always minimalist and elegant: While traditional streetwear is often characterized by bold graphics and bright colors (read also Spotlight Streetwear Cities: L.A.), the urban Parisian style tends to embrace a more refined and minimalist aesthetic, closer to the Japanese school. Clothing often features clean lines and understated designs, with a focus on details and fabrics.

Differences from streetwear born elsewhere.

Unlike some streetwear brands that sport flashy branding and bold graphics, Parisian streetwear often takes a more subtle approach to branding. Brands tend to insert the logo subtly and elegantly, helping to maintain the refined look of the garments.

Invention of Luxury Streetwear.

If, as many claim, Louis Vuitton invented luxury streetwear, it is only thanks to Vigil Abloh.

The American designer, who came from the world of streetwear fashion, turned the French fashion house upside down with his casual designs and avant-garde materials, creating silhouettes that definitively paved the way for a new figure for street culture, one that no longer caters to the young people who populate ghettos and listen to hip hop, but peel off yatches and crowd the rows of the world’s most exclusive events: an elite audience, of the new rich kids.

Parisian streetwear brands to absolutely know.

There are many Parisian streetwear brands to know about, some with a long tradition, others emerging. Here is a list of some well-known brands that have helped define the streetwear scene in Paris:

Maison Kitsuné: A brand founded by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, Maison Kitsuné is characterized by a sleek, casual style with a strong connection to music and club culture.

Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki founder of Maison Kitsuné

Côte & Ciel: renowned Parisian brand specializing in the creation of functional and innovative designer accessories. Founded in 2008, the brand stands out for its minimalist and modern approach, creating bags, backpacks, and accessories that combine aesthetics and functionality in a harmonious way. Côte & Ciel is known for its distinctive designs, characterized by clean lines, futuristic silhouettes, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Côte & Ciel Minimal Bags and Backpacks

Salomon: Although it was born in Annecy, the hiking clothing and shoe brand is closely linked to the city of Paris, or rather, to one of its famous boutiques: The Broken Arm.Before Fashion Week 2016, in fact, Salomon‘s were just highly technical shoes for outdoor sports. But when ‘The Broken Arm’ displayed them in the window of the Rue Perrée store, the somewhat clunky and ungainly “dad shoes” became an inescapable streetwear fashion statement.

Not in Paris: streetwear brand based on an e-commerce content platform. It collaborates with artists and designers to create unique collections that fuse art and culture from different cities, challenging traditional fashion boundaries.

APC: Although originally a traditional clothing brand, APC has embraced elements of streetwear over the years, offering a fusion of classic and urban style.
Études Studio: With a strong connection to art and design, Études Studio stands out for its bold graphics and minimalist design.

Études Studio: With a strong connection to art and design, Études Studio stands out for its bold graphics and minimalist design.

Officine Générale: Although primarily a menswear brand, Officine Générale offers a casual and sophisticated style that has caught the attention of the streetwear audience.
These are just a few of the Parisian streetwear brands to be aware of, and the fashion scene in Paris is constantly evolving with the emergence of new talent and innovative brands.


Our adventure among the bistros and streets of Paris to discover Streetwear Made in France ends here.
We investigated the roots of Parisian streetwear and the evolution it has made to become a synonym for luxury; mentioned established brands and discovered the names not to be missed.

Don’t miss the next installment of Streetwear Spotlight Cities, we’re going to New York!



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