It’s no question that 2020 has been a tough year for all of us,
we’ve all seen so many bad things happening but, thanks God, we have also witnessed how people, during hard times, get together to overcome difficulties and help each other.

With the same spirit we’ve been discussing new ideas, the future and business perspectives with some of our friends from around the world such as JeffStaple from New York, Pascal Prehn from Berlin, Michael Dupouy from Paris, Naotaka Konno from Tokyo and
Kish Kash from London.

Those beautiful people, friends but first of all great professionals, embraced our project to share with the community their stories, knowledge and thoughts on the future of the industry we work, love and live in.

We thank them for their kindness and professionalism and, in first place, for their friendship.

Me, as Brand director, have been always inspired by such talented people and I feel blessed for knowing them personally and having spent time with them, talkin’ about art, music, street culture and life. I hope their visions and ideas can inspire others too like they did for us in building our brands:

Urban Jungle and Black Box.

“Voices around the world”.

Their voices for one culture. Ours. Thanks for your support. Stay Safe.